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silicon bronze???

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  • silicon bronze???

    My wood burning furnace broke last night. Not alot of parts there to brake, but my damper control with the bimetal strip broke loose from the adjustment knob. The shaft the knob was on was some sort of brass/bronze not really sure, what would be the best filler to use. I had er70s6 and 308L available and had to fix it then, just wondering if I should have had some silicon bronze around for this type repair.

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    Hey t & e,
    I noticed you haven't received a response so I will give you some tips I use. If your metal has a gold/bronze appearance, & you check it with a magnet to verify it is non-magnetic, it probably is a brass or bronze. A small grind will reveal the internal composition. Generally, for small repairs such as that, I would opt for silver-solder as it would be the lowest heat application that would render a solid repair. Other applications would be to TIG with bronze filler, or MIG w/silicon-braze wire, or stick(SMAW) also w/bronze filler. Silver-solder is quite fast & by simply cleaning a bit & application of flux, the heating of the base metal would reach approx. 800-850* & the flux would form a glassy coating & applying sil-sol would have the melting of the sil-sol go into capillary action & fill the joint nicely. Many times, I simply use the sil-sol like soft-solder & "tin" each side piece & then clamp the joint together, re-heat & let the capillary action bind the 2 pcs. Anyway, hope this will provide you some useful information for any future repairs as such...... Denny
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      thanks for the info, I had suspected some sort of braising would be the correct way. But it was a have to fix now. It's been down in the 20's lately and the wife wasn't going to wait on me to go pick up supplies. I will go pick up some bronze filler for future repairs. Thanks again.