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Newb needs assistance 'right sizing' a welder for Auto/Truck Projects...

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  • Newb needs assistance 'right sizing' a welder for Auto/Truck Projects...

    I've stacked up quite a few automotive projects that require welding to get fixed right. I've wanted to learn how to weld for years now and it's a good a time as any to get started. I need some assistance though in determining the 'right size' welder for the projects I currently have. They include fixing a frame crack on my 89 Bronco Rockcrawler (not driven on street), welding a pair of GI Gas Can Carriers and spare tire carrier to my 5'x14' Offroad Hunting Trailer (thin, mild steel) and welding a swivel bracket to the trailer tongue lift. I also have a couple of projects to weld exhaust pipe and to weld a pair of mufflers that were opened up (6"x6" square cutout) to gut the sound deadening fiberglass... I have both 110 and 220 available in the garage, and am very capable mechanically. I'm tired of all my projects getting held up because I have to have someone else do my welding... I'm looking at HH187 and HH210 as possibilities... I have quite a collection of scrap steel/aluminum/exhaust pipe to practice on... I plan to take a class or 2 to get educated on the art... I'm looking for suggestions on getting a welder to handle the majority of my "automotive sized projects"...
    Steve D...

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    "...HH187 and HH210..." Both good. If you search around at this site, you will find all kinds of discussions about these and similar units, including very subtle differences. By that I mean one or the other machine may be ever so slightly superior on the low end for thin sheet metal whereas another unit is a sweetheart at 1/8" stuff, etc. (Not that I or any other newbie would notice right away.) There has been so much said about these two units that it would be impossible to repeat it all.

    Just don't expect to weld sheet metal and trailer ***** with the same unit.
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      Steve, welcome to the forum. Everyone needs at least 1 welder (machine) in the family preferably more. The guys here will give you great information. I'm just a hobby welder so I don't give too much advise. My only concern is a hunting trailer thats 5' wide, yikes. Not much room to move around in. Or is it for supplies/decoys only? Ive seen rock crawlers on TV, looks like fun. Good luck with your projects. Kurt.


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        Originally posted by uncrichie View Post
        My only concern is a hunting trailer thats 5' wide, yikes. Not much room to move around in.
        To clarify on the trailer, it's not a sleeper, but a utility hauler for my Elk/Deer hunting camps. I haul an ATV, firewood, extra water/diesel, Elk, Deer, etc. on it... It even has a 4" suspension lift so it rides level with my lifted Super Duty Diesel...


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          Have you given the IronMan 210 a thought. With the Iron Man you can direct connect a spool gun and not have to purchase a control box... if you plan to also weld aluminum. Just a thought.


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            You've already mentioned two great options. Both are very capable machines and both are "somewhat portable".

            I have the HH187 myself and, to be honest, it's my kinda go to welder for most light welding I do. I do also have the MM251 for the larger stuff.

            If I was buying just one welder, it would be the HH210. Gives you a little "expandability" as you get more experienced. Another new machine which has just been introduced is the MM 211 from Miller Electric. Street price should be just under a grand.

            Either of the machines you mentioned will do everything you currently need from sheet metal to trailer tongue repair. The heavier stuff I would feel a little more comfortable with the HH210.

            The HH210 is also spoolgun (for aluminum) ready without a separate controller.

            Do some searches and let us know which direction you're leaning.

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