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    After the welding is done. What do u guys do to clean metal (& welds) for paint?
    Ive been using aerosol brake clean and let it air dry.
    This seems fine for small projects. Ive always wondered what others thought.

    tx Tim

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    I've use that alot, but have pretty much gone over to Simple Green spray cleaner...seems to leave less residue....sometimes I use it after Brake sure to blow dry, then either hot sun or a little flame dry to make sure you got all the water out. You then =have to paint or prime immediately, because rust will form in a heart beat.
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      Tim ,you might try using just regular mineral spirits,i have used it many times just wiping off the black residue from the metal and give it a minute to evaporate and then primer it with rustoleum clean metal primer (white in color) then going over it with some of they"re spray paint .mineral spirits would go allot farther than any aerosol cans will . i have done this many times and had allot of success also with rustoleum products but be sure you follow they"re directions for drying time and all ..give it a try ..good luck chris !