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Bought used MXD 304 need advice

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  • Bought used MXD 304 need advice

    Just bought a used 304. Nice machine but I'm told can't tig aluminum with it. It didn't come with any tig equipment, do you think I should pursue getting a tig device to run off this (cheaper?) or get a seperate tig setup which would be able to handle aluminumas well ? I'd like to have the ability to do both if neccessary, but don't have alot of dough. Just your general opinions. Thanks.
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    Are you talking about a Miller XMT 304?
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      The XMT 304 CC/CV is a nice DC stick welder.

      It is a great power supply for a separate wire feeder.

      It is a lousy choice for tig welding aluminum. With the proper feeder/gun it will weld aluminum with wire.

      A Syncrowave 250 is a much better "dedicated" tig machine. It will do aluminum and steel, as well as other exotic metals.

      Did you read the specification sheet on the XMT 304 prior to laying out those hard earned bucks for the machine?

      Miller does not make an "all in one" machine that does, mig, tig (aluminum-requires AC), and stick well. (GMAW, GTAW and SMAW for those technicrats)

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