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Shed sandblaster for 20 bucks

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  • Shed sandblaster for 20 bucks

    Got another for ya... Thinkn of turning my 12x6 shed into a large sandblaster.Was gonna try and git some freebie pole barn metal from storage units goin up locally, and cover the inside so can scoop up and filter sand easily...Rural King has the drop in the bucket thing for $20, I have a respirator and was planning on buying a hood cause I know about silica dangers.....also was plannin on puttin in an exhaust fan.. Ive been using low free silica from tsc, and a hepa filter on my shop vac in my shop...Want to move everything to shed....anybody got any ideas or experience with this stuff? Thanks..
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    Would suggest that before you put your self into the blaster, you consider what the well dressed enclosed blaster wears. Granted you probably will not be blasting at the pressure or volume of the real units. But with out a full suit, and positive displacement breathing rig.

    Your hood and mask will make little difference in the long run. Having used a large blaster on a couple of jobs. Outside with a boiler suit, taped opening, and a high end mask. It was amazing how much silica dust was under the suit, gloves hood and in my hair, and places you really don't want sand or any kind of grit. The only good thing was my breathing area on my face under the mask was clean.

    Now this was outside in a field, with a 100 pound pot a 1" nozzle and 125cu ft or so compressor. And I was trying my best to stay out of the blow back dust cloud.

    I'm just glad that it was only a couple hours on a couple of days.

    The low dollar hoods suc as they generally are a loose weave fabric so the dust comes in at a slower rate than with out one.

    The filter carts or pre filter pads plug up amazingly fast and as they plug up the seal will tend to break around your face.

    As to an exhaust fan in the shed what type of filtering are you planing on using to keep the dust cloud from getting on the neighbor or your wife's flowers, laundry etc.

    Using the vac with a HEPA filter, will not provide the volume of air movement. and you will have to have filters on the air intake openings in the shed.

    Again you will have to remember that if somebody drops a dime and turns you in because the cloud of dust drifts over their place or thinks it is a fire burning in your shed. You will have to deal with the local government and a host of alphabet soup depts. on hazardous waste and release of toxic/hazardous emissions in to the atmosphere.

    Having dealt with smoke abatement/particulate issues from coal fired small scale power/heating plants. As an agent for my employer, I can tell you that the government tends to jam up the average person, rather than the large corporate/ or institution. Fines are heavy and the lawyer fees worse.

    So if you are planning to do only occasional large items, farming them out to a pro shop might be best. Other than building a large cabinet with a good lighting system, vacuum system and large doors. For motor cycle and other stuff hard to take apart.

    There are media blasting systems that have a high volume dust and media retrieval system at the nozzle that glass blasters use on site for large mirrors and windows and doors.
    Think a large powered version of the spot blaster.
    Here is one brand

    Having watched somebody with silicosis live for a number of years and slowly die from it. I can tell you that the dangers and the fact that it may not affect you for 30 years after the fact of exposure.

    Of course the above are my opinions, and your mileage may vary
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      Dont use silica sand. Its a big no no. It can do all kinds of bad stuff to you. Shell out the money for proper media.

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        I also have the tube in the bucket style. It works okay for large items outside. I use play sand that I get from Home Depot. Once in a while I have to move the tube around in the bucket for continuous feeding.


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          I'll second what PT said. I've been in the shipyards and talked to guys there who blasted ships' hulls and such, and even with the positive displacement suits and such, the dust gets in. I would say that is a minimum amount of PPE for large scale sandblasting - even if it is only occasional. I've done spot blasting in the garage with plastic draped and a respirator and hood. Not fun at all. There is just no substitute for fresh air!

          I don't know how much work you'll be doing. I know that some places I have checked with will charge a small fortune to do any sandblasting - often costing more than the workpiece is worth. I do know of at least one place locally that works on over-the-road trailers. I can drop off a car frame or a trailer and pay $40-$50 to let them sandblast it, and I can pick it up in a couple of days. In my case, it's well worth it.

          Just my 2.2¢.

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            Sandblasting inside a closed shed, particularly without really competent protective clothing having positive ventilation sounds like a very bad idea to me also. I also have a drop tube sandblast unit (Harbor Freight or JC Whitney, I don't remember which) but only use it outside with a good breeze taking the dust away, and wearing coveralls, a hood, and a OSHA rated respirator. Even with all that stuff, I always recall the Marilyn Monroe quote about why she didn't like to make love on a beach: "...sand gets into everything."


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              Thank you everyone for the warnings, you have pretty much talked me out of it. But now I am thinking of tearing the shed down so I will have room to add on another ten foot to my 24x30 pole barn garage...need monies....
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