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Can I weld galv.safely if I sandblast 1st?

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  • Can I weld galv.safely if I sandblast 1st?

    I built a tv mount for my 32 LCD out of slotted angle. I do know that it is not good to breathe vapors from welding on galv. so I sandblasted the galv.coating of 1st. Immediately after welding I noticed some white flaking on some spots. What is this slotted angle made of? I figured it was just mild steel with galv. coating. I turn the fan on and open the garage door when I weld, should I take more precautions? I tried to search the forum about this subject 1st, but it would not work... Thanks
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    If you blast it you should be able to weld with no problems. You could always hold you breath while welding too. LOL
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      What you have maybe zinc plated or cad plated mild steel and both are not good to breath while welding. The way you are using a fan to blow the fumes away from you is a good idea and should work well.

      What i try to do when welding stuff like this, is prep the area that i am going to be welding first by using my 4&1/2 inch grinder and removing as much of the plating as i can before i start. I will grind it down to base metal with 80 grit and weld it after that, after welding i will do some finish grinding and then paint it to keep it from rusting.

      I have never tried sanding blasting to remove plating but i think you would have better luck grinding it and that way you will be sure that your down to the base metal. One other plus to removing that plating is it will keep your welds from popping and looking like bird crap.

      I use a Tig welder most of the time and that stuff sure likes to mess up your tungsten if you don't remove it before you start, it seems to be able to "jump" from the weld puddle right onto your tungsten! Sometimes if i get in a rush and don't do a good prep job it waste no time letting me know it, because i will end up spending more time sharping my tungsten than welding.
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        I guess I am just not getting all of it off which would explain the white flakes every once in a while. It is just slotted angle from your local steel center at the hardware store. Kinda stuff you use for hanging garage door openers bout 1-1/2 angle. The sandblaster knocks the galv. off really fast, so I guess I'm just missn some of it....
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          That little bit won't kill you. Just get a fan blowing at you if inside or weld outside and don't breathe the smoke. A flap disc will clean up anything you left after blasting maybe. I don't even bother removing the stuff unless I am using solid wire. Flux core and stick just blow right through it and keep on going. As long as you stay ventilated and stay out of the smoke, you will be fine.

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            I usually sandblast whatever I weld if it will fit in the sandblaster, or I use the rt angle die grinder with 3m scotch disc, or grinder to remove yuk. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doin somthin stupid... Thanks all!!!!
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