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How I spent Christmas

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  • How I spent Christmas

    Sorry no welding this time
    Just wanted to show what I do and the length's that I go to do it
    This couple ordered a kitchen and wanted it in before Christmas...6 weeks ago.That is almost impossible,draw it up,build the box's,doors,cut granite etc...And its not like our shop can just drop what they are doing to do this.But we almost pulled it off.Had the cabinets made in Fl.really rushed them out so they could make the boat.
    Boss is in the state's nobody is answering their phone **** it I'm going to make it happen
    1st problem...over a certain amount Homeland security makes the shipment stay for 24hrs( missed that ship)so it makes the next one.Now it has to get unloaded,clear Customs etc..
    I get it on Weds.Most times it would go from the ship to our shop to get tuned up,doors put on,any screw ups fixed.Not this time.
    Day 1 Christ she has all the appliance's where they will go.This is Christmas morning and just me.

    Opps big mistake of sink needed to be 89",NOT 69" This couple even flew up there to pick out the slabs they wanted

    Made them a temporary counter top

    Next mistake 34" cabinet above 36" fridge

    I work it out and showed up to install the doors and look what she did

    When I left lastnight...and did all this by myself

    This piece is wrong also needed a 1 1/2" overhang on the ends

    Drill press was the tool of the day,like I said most times this gets done at our shop

    God sent a rainbow

    In the end I'm getting a nice raise for my efforts and a bonus.
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    Just out of curiosity, what does a small bungelow with a terrific view like that cost down there?
    "Good Enough Never Is"


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      Man, I want to move were you live.... What a view.........

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      HTP 221 Tig
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      HF bandsaw
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        Originally posted by Hotfoot View Post
        Just out of curiosity, what does a small bungelow with a terrific view like that cost down there?
        I don't know.A buddy of mine just bought a 1/2 acre on the side of a mountain for 62,000 20' of ft usable land the rest drops out of site, too steep to even climb down.
        Another friend had 150 grand and couldn't even buy a fixer upper.


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          Happy New Year

          Happy New Year to every one,and a very peaceful one we all hope 2009 will
          be a good year for everybody. Lawson.