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    Hello, I am new to welding and I have one done a couple of small projects. I have a hobart LX 235 AC/DC welder and I have made a stand for my welder, a welding\cutting table and a weight box for my garden tractor.

    Since my garden tractor doesn't have a 3 point hitch I made axles for the weight box using angle iron and a 3/4 inch solid bar. This works great, except I was to eager and didn't measure correctly and the weight box wheels touch the tractor wheels, so I need to move them.

    Can someone tell me the best method for removing the welds? I used a 3/32 rod and made mutliple passes. Thanks!

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    Unless you have access to an arcair carbon rod gouge or a plasma cutter with gouging tip a 4.5" angle grinder is probably the easiest and cheapest meathod to do it. I have found that the (SAIT) brand grinder wheels last the longest especially when grinding thru heavy weld. Just my 2cents!
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      Thank You!, I have a grinder, I will look for the wheels you mentioned, Thanks again!


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        ...and then use a Cutting Disc in that grinder to get down in the joint that last little bit. I have often found that the weld penetrated beyond what I could grind off, and have had to resort to chizels and a BFH to 'split' the welded areas apart. You might peel up some metal in the process, but that can be filled.
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          Get some .045 cutoff wheels and [i am guessing you have a 4 1/2 inch grinder]SAIT wheels are about the best .grind away.A 5 lb hammer will also come in handy.Also on a serious note make sure you at least wear safety glasses when using the cutoff wheels,a welding shield with flip up lens will be better.We just had a guy go to the hospital for a nice slice on his cheek .but he had glasses on so no major damage.He did nothing wrong,disc just hung up and broke apart. so be careful,a grinding disc will hurt you.a cutoff wheel will cut something off besides metal .


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            Thanks for all the great info. I have a grinder and a welding helmet with a flip up shield. I will also be careful.