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  • dwfrailey

    theres a lot of videos and its all free. awesome site

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  • Hotfoot
    Originally posted by Roger View Post
    Utube welding.
    Ditto for You Tube!..but take a course, as well, if you can!

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  • Timinmb
    Best I would say is to take a class. You get feedback that allows you to correct mistakes and improve.

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  • Guest's Avatar
    Guest replied
    Utube welding.

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  • fjk

    As to learning

    I first learned by taking an adult-ed class at a local vo-tech highschool.
    Even though I am 'only' a hobby/weekend weldor, it was worth it. It
    exposed me to most/all of the common processes, gave me enough
    of a background in things so that I could ask intelligent questions
    and know what I know (and what I do not know :-) and stuff
    like that. It was also valuable for the 'first step' where having
    someone right there saying "no, do it this way" is a lot better
    than taking some pix and sending them off on the internet and
    all that.

    Having had more than one or two of my welds turn out to be, um, er,
    "not all that they could be", I strongly second Bob's comments
    about not welding anything important until you get more experience.

    Also, Miller ( has an intro educational
    "student" package that costs something like $25. Get it.
    They have a number of DVDs that many have recommended,
    you might want to try them too.

    Good luck


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  • Bob
    You asked "... but what else?" If you can take pictures and post them, you can probably get expert advice on how to improve. We love pictures.

    Please get someone here to OK any load bearing, serious automotive welds you make. Auto welds that break can hurt lots of people that happen to be on the same road.

    With that said, Welcome to the Forum. It is great place.


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  • johnstra
    started a topic Best way to learn?

    Best way to learn?

    Hi all. I've been reading for almost an hour. What a great site!! I just bought a HH 187 because I'm neck deep in an engine swap project that is the perfect excuse to finally buy a welder. I've done a small amount of stick welding, but I'm basically a beginner. I know a lot of guys who have taken a welding class when then got started. This is strictly hobby for me, so I'm wondering if I can learn what I need to know on my own. If so, I'd appreciate some suggestions on how best to learn. I know I need to get a bunch of scrap and start laying beads and joining pieces, but what else? Anyone have any specific training techniques they are willing to share? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!