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    Hello all
    This is my first post and am not really sure if it belongs here so bear with me.
    My problem:
    We are hardfacing 12 ga deck plate that's been blasted for a machine that we manufacture. The parts are 3.25" wide and about 48" long, post hardfacing is rolled into a approx. 16" circle. The other part is about 7" wide and about 60" long and rolled into a cone after hardfacing (rolled after because of warping). these parts run inside one and other to "grind" a product. We are having luck with using spray powder torches and a Rankin product (sp-80) but is rather expensive and time consuming given the numbers we are trying to coat.

    Possible solution(I need input here)
    I have been researching and believe (maybe wrongly) that an electric arc spray or HVOF might be a good alternative because of the deposit rate and low thermal input to the work piece. I don't have a clue as to cost of setting up such a process or if a CC or CV welder can be made to apply electric arc spray.

    Any help would be great

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    have you looked into


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      hard facing.

      I have alot of experince with hardfacing. try Inconel 112. that stuff work hardons beyond beleif. Us it as a stick rod, applie as cold as possible, should work just fine if you have the time to apply it. Good luck, let us hear from you.


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        Try stoody. They have always been helpful.
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          All my experience with hardfacing is with wire. Ive done some with stick but miles and miles of wire, literally. It goes on like crap but thats just the way it is. The stuff we had in our shop didnt need gas, i found that out by accident and it saved us alot of money. Deposite rate was pretty high as well.