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Gun Trigger Lead Problem

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  • Gun Trigger Lead Problem

    First time poster here.. I just bought a Hobart 140 handler.. Got it out to put together and the gun trigger lead wont insert but about half way into the housing.. It will not go any further.. I have not had this happen before.. Of course I loosened the thumb screw.. I took it out, but still it wont make it thru the housing to touch the wheel.. I took a pic showing that where my finger is pointing.. that black plastic area.. the tip is just showing there..

    I have owned 2 other welders and never had an issue.. however is there a trick with this type of problem??

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    Put a bit of lube on the o-rings. Should help with getting it installed.
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      Has the gun end got a grub screw? Maybe protruding a bit or a burr somewhere.


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        ok would vasoline be ok to lightly go over the rings?? as for the burs, I looked the lead over and not a bur one.. If it were not for the fact that gas has got to come thru this and not leak I would take some sand paper to it till it slid thru..

        For what its worth.. I am a body/paint man.. I have been around welders a long time.. I will also see if I can get a good pic of the housing insides themselves!!


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          I looked again, this morning with the help of the outside light and you can clearly see where the metal meets plastic inside that housing is not right..

          The plastic part of the housing that is attached to the metal is not either lined up perfectly with the metal housing.. preventing pushing thru the lead, or the plastic housing is out of round and not molded correct.. Not sure which it is..

          I loosened the bottom screw underneath my finger in the pic of my first post, but the two pieces did not move.. I thought I could just slide the plastic or metal sections a tad and get it lined up to no avail..

          Any tips now fellas.. Its not the o rings.. they never even make it in close enough to touch

          You can also see where the lead had marred the inside edge that is protruding of the plastic section.. Is this a call to Hobart??

          You can see in the last pic here if you inlarge your screen that the plastic inner housing is protruding just a tad on the right side.. I hope all this makes sense and helps..

          I appreciate the help I really do.. I moderate a couple of body and paint forums, so I truly do appreciate the help!!!
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            Ok after much thought, I wondered why I was thinking of messing with this instead of just returning the welder and getting another.. I did this, and we are now good to go..