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Welding Contacts - Add Yours & Find Others

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  • Welding Contacts - Add Yours & Find Others

    Hello - I wanted to post a thread that would list different contacts for welding supplies, whether it be a seller on eBay, an online company, or...?

    This can be for Welding Suppliers, Metal Suppliers, Chemical Suppliers, Tool & Equipment Suppliers, Etc... Anything that is related to the welding field & any field of work that welding may be a part of.

    You can also list a particular company you have used which you received less than acceptable service or prices...

    Either way, describe your experience, even if you have just heard from someone else that this place/company/guy is a good place to check out..

    The requirements that I would need a company to have in order to use them would be.. Competitive service, prices, & shipping times... It’s just a matter of if they are on top of their game or not. With today’s economy & as a business owner myself, we need other businesses that are out there to work with customers at their level, providing products & services that are the best quality @ the best price... I mean after all, this isn’t Japan right?

    (Hope this thread is posted in the right spot & Thanks in advance for everyone’s involvement.. This should help everyone at any level)

    - Paul
    Owner - Adultoys Automotive
    Paint, Body, Rust Removal, & Restorations

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    Adding to this thread I would like to ask who & where anyone has purchased metals from, ordering & having them shipped or whatever it be.. I have always used my local suppliers but prices vary quite abit even within a 50 mile radius here & I would like to hear from others who else you've used/seen who has good prices & maybe reasonable shipping.. (Unless anyone knows of & can recommend a particular company in the Michigan area) .. I would also like to seek out better prices on chemicals I use here in the shop, & although most have regulations on shipping, I would still like to hear your input. Suppliers who carry anything from wax & grease remover & denatured alcohol, to phosphoric acid (i.e. orthophosphoric acid or phosphoric(V)) & Hydrochloric (muriatic acid or spirits of salt)...

    If someone here does not feel comfortable posting this information in this thread, trust me I understand. Feel free to message me personally by means of a private message or if you'd like my email I can provide that as well...