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Preferred corner method?

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  • Preferred corner method?

    I am not a welder, so would like some advice from those that weld for a living.

    I am designing a large stand made from 2" x 2" x 11ga steel tubing. I am struggling with the best way to handle the corners.

    1) Several mitered cuts and no capped ends.


    2) All straight cuts and several caps.

    View image for clarification

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    All things being equal I think it depends on what you are best able to execute.
    You can also notch of 2" off of 3 sides one of leaving a 2" tongue on the end and by doing it on both ends of 1 part you only need to do that on two pieces (that was a mouthful...or was it a handful?) It's a much more sanitary cap
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      Commercial fixtures usually have caps. It's much easier to cut a 90° angle than to get two 45° angles to make a 90°.


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        Sounds Like a time and effort question to me. More Caps would be the easiest way to go, but cuting the 45s grinding down the weld and making it look like it is one piece looks so much better. Maybe its just me but I notice things like that and appreciate the extra time and craftsman ship.
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          I think what would look the best is #1 only the 2 mitered members would be
          horizontal, the top, and the 3rd member vertical, a leg.

          Would look good with a glass or plexi top.


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            If I were making it at my home shop I'd use the miter method with no caps.
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              Thanks for the input.

              I was planning on going with the mitered corners. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't asking for something stupid! I just need to make sure whoever I have do my fabrication has the right equipment and skill.

              Thanks again for everybodies help.


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                Mitered always portrays a more professional look in my opinion.

                When your done you should post a pic, we like eye candy here.

                Have a good one....
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