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hobart 180 welding

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  • hobart 180 welding

    I have a hobart 180 and I don't understand something, it make a good looking weld but it is only on one piece of metal no penatration ,I uses 75/25 gas ,I have never had a welding machine do this ???????? I clean my metal ,and thinking it has a puddle on both sides of the metal ,but after I run a bead
    it only weldes to one side?????????????????

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    Hobart 180

    I call Hobart and they told me that the factory had my leads backward ,(+ -)
    I change them ,and it work like a welder should, so this might help other,


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      Yes, the machines are always set up for flux core. That's why they supply a 2lb reel of the stuff with each machine.
      You should've read the manual, it explains how and why you have to change the connections for solid wire
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        Are you running a bead on one side of a solid sheet, and expecting to see a similar bead on the underside? How thick is the steel?
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