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  • trailor

    I have an eight foot axle and springs. Thinking about making a nice 12 foot long trailor. I also have six pieces of 5/16 x 4x4 angle iron about fourteen feet long that is real rusty and has paint on one side. I could clean them up, but they are so heavy. I can hardly lift one of tem. Do you think that the trailor would be too heavy using this? I only have one axle. With all that weight, I might need two axles.

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    "Axle" is pretty vague. If it's a 2000# axle, then a 12' trailer made of the materials you described would be too heavy to be useful. If it's a 27,000# axle, then you have a lot of leeway for materials.

    Need more info. What do you want the trailer to accomplish? How heavy (capacity) is the axle? Stuff like that.

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      4" by 4" by 5/16" angle equals 8.36 pounds per foot, or around there.


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        For a trailer that is 12ft. long two axles might be better. Think about what your gonna be hauling on it,what vehicle is gonna be towing it,that kinda stuff. Also check w/ your state laws for the trailer like if you have to have brakes or not,safety chains,lights,how wide the trailer can be, etc.
        The angle iron u have will be plenty strong just put enough crossmembers in and u shouldn't have an problems.
        A good idea would be to talk to someone who has built their own trailer or a welding shop who builds trailers they can be very helpful.

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