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Welding Small Electric Motor Com Tabs

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  • Welding Small Electric Motor Com Tabs

    Hello. I'm new to this forum and have absolutely zero knowledge of welding...I figure it best to get all that out of the way up front Anyway, I am looking at welding the brass commutator tabs of small DC electric motors along with the copper magnet wire that passes over them. The tab material is thin (approx. .030" thick by .050" wide) brass formed as a "U" to hold the magnet wire as it passes from one pole to the next. The copper magnet wire I use is thin...from #23awg at the heaviest to #28awg. Traditionally, these connections were made with solder but the manufacturers have long ago switched to welding these for several reasons:

    1)The welded connection is stronger. These motors spin at very high rpms, so there is considerable force exerted on the whole armature.
    2)The welded connection is more reliable electrically, as the weld process vaporizes the insulating coating of the magnet wire promoting good contact.
    3)The welded connection is much more heat-resistant. These motors can get quite hot...sometimes hot enough to melt solder.

    If there is an economical way to accomplish this for a hobbyist, I'd like to find out how. The "micro welders" I've seen searching the web are very expensive and obviously geared towards industrial and high-end scientific use. I would even be open to some sort of DIY rig, but those I've seen are much too large. I've also come across something called "resistive welding" that seems to be used for this application.

    I hope this is the correct forum to post this question. Does anyone have any information that might be of help? Thanks in advance.