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  • Welder Winter Storage

    Just wondering if leaving my Lincoln 175HD in an unheated garage during wintertime would pose any problems... Or would it be a better idea to move it to the basement? In these parts it can get to be down to -10 deg F.

    Now my tombstone on the other hand... Before I bought it for 50 bucks, that thing was stored under a pile of garbage in a garden shed for probably longer than I've been alive and still goes strong. So, pretty sure I'll be safe garaging that.

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    Put it in the basement so that it won't get temp cycled and create moisture and rust in places where you don't want it to be in. Treat your tools good and they will never let you down.
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      I would remove the wire spool and store it inside (mine go into zip lock bags), and unplug the gun and take it in, too (so the liner can't corrode).You could then put the whole thing in a trash bag with a can a dessicant (get it at Wal Mart...for closets)...Heck, its not that big, put it in the bag, and stick it away in the house behind a couch, in the back of the closet, etc.

      Here in Texas, its of no concern, but I'm originally from the Buffalo area, too (which is why I now live in South Texas).
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        Millions of machines of all types are stored in unheated buildings, the wire rusting is the big deal, I would say the rest is moot.


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          Sberry's right...

          But all it takes is a 60 watt bulb or a heat-tape under the unit.
          Add a double-wall appliance box turned over,
          or a shipping blanket or two, and your welder will always be warmer than the air around it.

          Sring is the crucial time. It's 16 above one day and 52 a few days later.
          the warm air on the cold welder (or machine for that matter),
          does the damage. Evil condensate.

          I started doing this when I got the Miller 330's, @ 770 lbs. they stay in the out-buildings.
          I figured if an anvil with a heat-tape on it, is ready for forging as soon
          as you uncover it, why not a welder?

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            Out here in WNY it can be 80 one day then snowing the next. During the October 2006 storm, weather was pretty nice (45-55?) the day before then 2-3 feet of snow dumped overnight, the city was chaos for the weekend and Monday was nice again, all melted and back to work we went.


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              Well there ya have it.

              What's it cost to run a bulb for two months in the spring and fall?
              Not to mention ready-Robby, if you need to do a quick repair.
              Uncover, and Go.

              Negative people have a problem for every solution


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                Just a heads up. Anything Ive tried to keep warm with light bulbs, cardboard boxes, or heat blankets in a garage has turned into a mouse factory. So be warned. Uncrichie.


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                  I'm just gonna take her down and put her in the basement... As stated above, the unit is pretty small. I suppose I was just feeling lazy about moving it back and forth. (and fearing the old lady's response...) Besides, I'm outta this crazy weathered city in a month anyway.... Any of you guys out in the Indy area? How is it? I hear it's pretty flat and you can only use pistol cartridge rifles to shoot deer. What's up with that? Now I've got a bunch of rifles that are gonna collect dust.... Guess I can have some fun shooting woodchucks with the .300WSM. Anyway, I've only been out of New York/Pennslyvania about three times in my life. An never more than a couple days at a time.
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                    My mig seems to get a mouse nest in it every few years so something else to check for...Bob
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