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There's somthing to be said for "Failure".

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  • There's somthing to be said for "Failure".

    Ya have to be able to hold a handfull of thoughts to appreciate this.
    It's wierd that all this happened the same week.

    Watching the P B R finals last sunday, a quote.
    "I ain't afraid of die'n it's failing I'm afraid of".
    (I watch it for the Bull Fighters, more than the riders).

    A youngster at work complaining, "they said I should work more O.T.
    to meet the schedual".

    The first time I tried to run the "Big Bars", (horizontal mills).
    After insults, intimidation and yelling, the comand for the day.
    "Tomorow I want to see a brand new ruFFer, (roughing end-mill),
    snapped off laying in the trough, and Ya back off about two clicks,
    and that's where Ya machine from know on, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR ? !"

    Skunky, a huge young highly intelligent cat and his hapless daring brother shadow.
    Skunky might be the most intelligent cat I ever saw, but he is able to distinguish
    any limitations, and stay just short of them.
    Shadow, is even faster than his dear departed Grandpa (Bruce Lee), And
    even stronger, hard to imagine. Shadow has fallen, has crashed, has had
    the $hit beat out of him. Skunky is always a step away from the edge of the envelope.
    Shadow, has learned to open doors, and bounce off of two 90 degree walls
    and land behind his opponant.

    I entered the work-force in 1974, have seen hundreds of charactors,
    Some are my mentors & champions, but another group fascinates me.
    I mistakenly thought it was one at first, but eventually, reallized that
    there were two "types" here. Loosers are one, I have no use for loosers.
    They have no excuse, they are pathetic and self-fatal.

    I learned to notice the difference "Failures", These I find fascinating.
    They can offen do some of the most breathtaking & awe-inspiring things.
    ( That is with-in the trades ). But come and go, shattered famillies sometimes,
    No driver's liscence sometimes, Used to own xyz buisness, etc. etc.
    Some I have worked with in various "states" of success or decline.

    If you haven't failed, really failed, how do you really know of you aren't an underacheiver,
    even if you are a head & neck infront of every-one else.

    I often push the tooling & machinery to the point that it begins to show signs of faultering,
    and then back-off two clicks. I currantly know of no equal around here,
    with a crash-rate less than mine.
    BUT, I hated that man with every-thing in my be-ing, the first time I was told to do that.
    How incredibly Ironic, I was recently hired to run a Mill worth
    over 3 million sitting on an installation worth another million.

    I've been flat-out fired twice in my adult life.
    It used to bother me being a failure, now I'm dead-certain I like it better than being
    a Winner who never got close enough to the edge to get he life scared out of i'm.

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    Negative people have a problem for every solution

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    Very profound Phil, thanks...As you have done in the past and I trust you will do in the future, you have given me something to think and ponder on for a while. And I appreciate your message......


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      You are truly a philosopher of the nth degree. You should write a book, "Zen and the art of machining," or "Zen and the art of welding."
      Jim Don
      PS Don't ever back away from the edge. Go to it.


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        I'm encouraged that a few can see....

        Some validity or value to this mind-set (actually (mind-un-set).
        Made me realise thO , that one kind of failure is disturbing to me.

        My failings, in parenting have left traces I can see in my decendants.
        Ya can't get it all just right, but it still bothers me that my own
        actions or lack of actions / responces / inputs etc. have
        made dents in others.

        This needs to be separated from the internal personal region
        I was describing above. Even thO I would like to think that
        if one's own expansion within leads to improvement......
        it should ultimately spill over into relationships.
        Just can't so easilly take risks with the same pre-cog...
        when others have to live with the out-come.

        Negative people have a problem for every solution


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          Well feb 09 makes it 3 times fired.
          This time by a boss who got his job over me on my recomendation.
          Think about that. . . .. Out in the snow.

          I walked onto a machine, purchased by a shop that had never even
          run one before. Imagine the guts of the second principal owner....
          saying "we need one of these!"
          Nothing was ready, missing foudational tooling, etc. etc.

          But for a man with guts, I'll go the extra 10 miles.
          Now my Linde is beside me, I weld a third or better of the time.
          My verdict usually stands in machining issues.
          And my 'X' employer is running adds.

          I thank God for all this. Not "the man upstairs" !
          GOD ! who cares for fools if their hearts are sound.

          I wish I could post real pics of some of this years events.
          BUT I'd be a giek for sure if seen do'n so.

          Negative people have a problem for every solution


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            Yes, Grasshopper, it takes a straight man to walk a crooked path.
            --- RJL ----------------------------------------------

            Ordinarily I'm insane, but I have lucid moments when I'm merely stupid.


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              it is a shame parents dont get to practice on scrap kids but thats the way it is.
              im sure there are traces of your strong suits in them as well.
              if it is bothering you this much take care that you dont use it to make yourself weaker. it is of course what you do with it. we all continually effect others, dent as you say. you dont stop denting your kids.
              many people wish that it could be possible to go back in time to change stuff but they would just waste those rerun days because they waste today in the same way they did before. the fantasy of doing something different is better than actually doing it.
              i hate to see what i percieve as decent people down like you are but overall i think that your mood is on a good track.

              .....and if i took my own advice i probably wouldnt be doing half bad but there you go.