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Need some sage advice on a portable welding set-up

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  • Need some sage advice on a portable welding set-up

    Want to set-up a portable welding operation around my property. I,m thinking 220amp Mig, 220amp Stick and a Plasma Cutter. I,d like to run them each (but not at the same time) from a portable generator (like, say a Honda or one of the other ones you could buy at Lowes or Home Depot). What I need to know is what size or wattage would be the minimum necessary to do the job without laying ouy big bucks for a Generator/Welder set up ???.

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    I would think you would need to start by noting what the amperage draw of each machine might be. Do you already own these machines or are you looking to purchase them. The maximum output will affect the amperage draw.
    Hope this helps a little.


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      Probably 10,000w minimum. If you haven't already gotten the machines, a stick machine like a Bobcat or Trailblazer with all the accessories will probably be easier...not sure about cheaper..but close.

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        Welding machines are hard on generators, and generators are hard on them. Inverters are better than non-inverters, but even there, the power factors are not great, and the surge when the arc is struck may bog or stall a smaller generator. Most machines will not run well at all on small generators, even if they are nominally of capacity, due to the poor response to load changes. I don't know of any 200A or larger stick machines (even inverters) that will come close to capacity on less than about a 10KW generator.

        I have run a Maxstar 150 on a box store (Coleman) 4500W generator with reasonable success when I had to (the machine maxes at about 3000VA), but it won't go full power on stick (TIG is OK)... the surge on arc strike drops the generator enough that the welder shuts down. The best it will do is about 80 to 90A with stick, on a good day.

        I would second the suggestion of a gas or diesel welder with 10KW generator capability. I would add a wire feeder rather than a full MIG machine. The generator would only need to power the plasma unit. This may not cost much more (and may cost less) than seperate units with a seperate generator.
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          Welders & Generators

          weldingnew B,

          Call the Hobart customer service people. I already had a generator and they helped me pick a welder that would work with the same. They were very knowledgeable and talked to me about peak load at start (I guess stick welders draw much more amperage when first striking an arc than the charts show.) the type and thickness of metals I would be welding, etc.

          They were good to me and I am sure they would help you as well.


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            A Maxstar 150 is a good start and will run from a quality 5000 watt or better genset. If I didnt have power my considerations would be different, very simple, stick unit like the max and a torch. The feeder and the plas are really made to be plugged in to the wall, all this will get expensive, is cumbersome, pricey to operate and maintain outside a garage.
            Miller makes the Renegade, would have a feeder you could plug a Max into.


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              generator for welding

              i dont know if this will help u but take your amperage mult by voltage = watts (50Ax220V=11,000 watts so to be safe id go with 15kv. for surge purposes.


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                welder/ generator

                I use a Hobart champion 4500. it powers my miller 180 mig. a 25 amp SIP plasma cutter and my new miller Diversion tig welder.I use these in the field to do SMALL jobs welding on alum. docks and pontoon boats.Iam a weekend warrior so do not do this full time all day long. if I did I would need a larger welder/generator does take me longer to set up but I charge by the hour and the customers are happy that they do not have to haul there boats and docks to a shop.find a niche job and tool up for it. bigger is not always better.diverdown
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                  I run my Dynasty 200DX off of a Bobcat 225NT. It is 8000 watts continuous and I have welded at max for several minutes at a time.
                  You will need a small air compresser that can start while using your plasma and also be able to keep up with it as well.
                  You may buy some things more than once to perfect this combo.
                  Miller makes a generator with a wire machine made on it already btw
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