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To grind or not to grind?

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  • To grind or not to grind?

    I've got a problem with my log splitter and need some advise.

    It's got a 10" tall wedge that's made out of 1/2 x 6 and I've bent it over sideways a bit. I'm planning on reinforcing it by sandwiching it with some 3/8 plate but have a question about which way to go. Should I should grind the fillet weld at the base of the wedge so the plate fits flush to the wedge and flat to the top of the splitter or should I grind the bottom of the 3/8 off at an angle so it clears the fillet? The fillet is a single pass of 7018 and I beveled the top of the splitter (4" sq. tubing) where the wedge goes through. Thanks for any ideas!

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    Maybe I'm missing something,but I don't understand the question. You need to bevel it all for strength! My question is the tube torqued over , and wedge
    not rotated at all?
    Are You a drainster?? I'm on the ridgid site


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      Normally a fillet needs no grinding.


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        First post ! ?

        Introduce your-self.
        make a scketch.

        Schetching is a fundamental skill, and a necessity for conveying
        though over the net.

        Or an E-pick pulled up in 'paint' and add text.


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          Sorry about the no intro. I'm not a pro welder, just build stuff for my tractor and fix whatever I break on the car, truck snowmobile, get the idea. I agree, pictures are great, I'v got a 15 minute break to do this so it's gonna be real basic. It's an end view of what I'm working on, nothing to scale, and not even symetrical.

          The 1/2" wedge is bending, the tube is not twisting. It is braced well with angle that isn't in the drawing.

          Haven't tried an attachment before, I hope this works.


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            Several ways to do this, here is an option. Whoops,, wait.
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              I see why you're asking.

              The plate is long, and grinding it would be big job. But that's what needs to be done, assuming the welded fillet is not even necessary.


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                So, did you guys hear my hand slapping my forehead when I saw Sberry's sketch? A regular "Duh" moment!

                I'll add a few passes of 7018 to tie the new plate into the top of the splitter to keep everything from bending at the bottom weld. Of course, if anyone's got more ideas, pass them along! I've got 4 more hours 'till I get to go home and try it. Thanks everyone for the help.