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  • some cwi questions

    Hey I am a 24 year old Iron worker/ fitter in south east pa. My work just decided about a month ago to send me to the week long class in the second week in november for the CWI course. The exam following the day after. I have been asking for books to study with not really any help from them. The class schedule is 3 days general review 1 day d1.1 code clinic and 1 day hands on clinic. I am a certified welder not sure if that will help at all. What am I looking at, most things I have read so far people have studied for months and barley passed. I have 2 weeks till the class. Please help, what am I in for???

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    When I worked at Boeing, all of the guys that went to that course passed the test. You have to study the books and can't halfstep but if you pay attention, you will pass. We had a guy that was one step up from a drooling retard and even he passed.

    Good luck.
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      that makes me feel alittle better. I have not studied at all as off now just for the fact that my work just signed me up. I just saw all the study material on the website and its a bit late to try and get it now. Everyone I have talked to as pretty much said unless I have studied for months and take the class I am screwed. I am not an idiot and have no prolly paying attention in class and will study my *** off at night ( I am staying at a hotel all week due to the class being a few hours away) . My other question is someone told me I may not meet the work requirements to become a cwi. I only have a little over 4 years working with steel. I am not sure if that enough or not. I filled out the class and exam application and am registered in the class and for the exam so Im not sure if that means everything is ok or not. Anyone know the requirements? Thanx a ton