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Cleaning flux core welds

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  • Cleaning flux core welds

    Hello, I've built a bumper for my truck out of 1.5 x1.5 x3/16" steel tubing. I used flux core wire to weld it together. I used pointed hammer and a wire wheel on my grinder to clean some of the welds but I can not get to some of the welds. What can I use to get the welds clean so I get the bumper ready for primer and paint. Thanks, Fred

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    If the welds are super difficult to reach and you can't seem to modify a tool to do the job, I would suggest taking the bumper somewhere to get it media blasted. That way, it will be nice and clean and the paint will stick really well.


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      Needle scaler.
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        If your not media blasting can use tooth brush size wire brush and scribe to get hard to reach areas. Smaller wire brushes for die grinder and drills will reach most places you can weld.


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          The two best ways are the needle scaler as stated or a media blaster. HF had two versions a full size version of the needle scaler 19 needles and a mini needle scaler.

          With 12 needles for smaller area's. An added benefit is you can use it on thinner materials for surface texture,designs etc.

          On the larger one you can remove needles so you can change the pattern or also get in to smaller area's. But the length of the gun will be the same.
          If you don't have a blast cabinet, you can get one of theses. I have had one for years and it is great keeps the mess down and if they come with the shaped rubber nose cones you can get into the weld area.
          They have them all most everywhere tools are sold now a days.

          If you need a smaller area blaster, one of the air brush companies makes an air eraser:
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            Blast it is my suggestion


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              For tough to reach places I've see a chisel or center punch used with a hammer.
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