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Can I Braze Stainless and Steel Together?

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  • Can I Braze Stainless and Steel Together?

    I'm not sure this is the proper place on this forum to ask this question, but here goes....

    I'm certain stainless and steel can be brazed together, but I have an additional challenge. I need to replace a 10" flexible pipe on a 1999 Toyota Camry exhaust system. If I buy a bolt-on part to replace what is damaged, it includes the pipe from the manifold, the flexible pipe and a catalytic converter. That part costs ten times the price of the flexible pipe I have found. The flexible pipe is the only part that has damage. The pipe over which I will slide the new stainless flexible pipe is 2 3/8th inches OD. The closest stainless flexible pipe I can find is 2 1/2 inch ID. This leaves an eight of an inch to deal with.

    Unless I can find a flexible stainless pipe (length 10") with ID ends of 2 3/8ths, I am probably going to try to use the 2 1/2 ID flexible pipe and do the best I can sealing it by brazing.

    If anyone knows where I can purchase a flexible exhaust pipe 10 inches long that is 2 3/8th ID, I would appreciate you pointing me to the source.

    Questions.... Is brazing the way to go with this? I've done a little brazing, but am really a novice at it. Is there something I should use as a sleeve (copper, brass, steel) to take up most of that 1/8 inch?

    I do a fair job with arc welding, but I think these materials are too thin for me to stick weld. I don't have tig experience.

    I'm hoping to cut the old flexible portion out, slide the new flexible length in (with a sleeve, if recommended), weld or braze enough to hold the three pieces in place, then take the whole assembly off the vehicle and finish it on a workbench to ensure it is completly sealed properly.

    Can I fill that much space with brazing rod? If I use a space filler (sleeve), how can I ensure the brazing material will sweat properly? What should I use for brazing rod? What flux should I use, and how is it applied?

    I'm looking for advice as to whether or not this is a workable idea and what is the best route to success and safety.
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    If I understand this correctly, you want to make up 1/8th inch of gap by brazing. I am really not an expert at brazing, but I don't think brazing, in this case, is the method to correct your problem.


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      Why not try and find a muffler shop that would try to swage the ends down? It's commonly done to fit pipes togheter. Find a shop that does custom pipes.


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        Yes you can braze stainless to steel w/ brass brazing rods,you can buy them at mostly any store that carries welding supplies and they should already have the flux on them.
        I would definitely try to find something to fill that gap in though save alot of time trying to fill it in.
        Only thing I would be worried about is brazing on exhaust pipe is sometimes when the engine is running the exhaust gets so hot it will melt the braze on the joint and the pieces will fall apart.

        It's worth a shot if the replacement piece is 10 times more if its works great if not I guess you gotta pay up.

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