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Help Wanted (WSJ article for trade jobs)

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  • Help Wanted (WSJ article for trade jobs)

    FWIW there’s a nice article in today’s WSJ (8/19/08) about need for trade skills with special mention of welding. It’s encouraging to those looking for work. The story also made special reference to US Military personnel coming home from duty or looking to gain training during enlistment. Thought it was well done and worth a look.

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    I got my start in welding in the Air Force in 1978.I was a Boiler Tech.[Which I still am 33 years later,only it pays better ].Anyone in any type of trade will benefit greatly by learning how to stick and mig weld.I f you are going to strickly weld for a living then Tig is a must.But in general trades it is stick and mig.I pick up a lot of overtime at work welding.I even went so far as go to pipe welding school at the age of 42.Never regretted it,$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.The more trades you are familar with the better off you are.I just started doing some machining work last year and made a shaft for a small blower fan,and it actually worked[no one was more suprised than me].The job market can be tough and the more you can do ,the better chance you will have and keep a job.