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Prentiss #56 Bull Dog vice questions

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  • Prentiss #56 Bull Dog vice questions

    Somehow I posted this in the Archives forum by mistake. Got a few replies but thought I ‘d do better over here…more traffic.

    My latest acquisition…Here she is... Prentiss #56 Bull Dog. 6" jaws... approx 24" long and well over 100#s at least three coats of paint and as far as I know was bolted to the same bench since she was bought. I'm assuming it was made before 1948 when Prentiss was bought out and the name changed. It does say Prentiss New York No. 56... and Bull Dog on the back. I'd really love to find out more about it... I've googled everything I can come up with and get lots of Company info but little on the vise itself... anybody got any info on her ???

    so I'm thinking about a dismantle, bead blast and prime and paint...

    are there any 'standard' vise colors ?? I'm partial to red but a hammer finish gray might look good too... I don't imagine that a fresh coat of paint would diminish her value, huh ???

    any suggestions on problems to look for or improvements to make while it's in pieces ???

    BTW what are the correct 'descriptive technical terms' for the parts of a vise... I can't find a reference on the net anywhere.

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    Vise parts are pretty basic. "Jaw" and "Screw" come to mind. Anvil may be appropriate, depending on the model. "Nut". Ain't much more to 'em.

    That veteran you have will outlast your granchildren. I like the bead-blast/red combo. But, I see red a lot....

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      As I posted in your original thread, I have a similar machinist vise made by Columbian. When I got it, IIRC, it was either black or gray. I re-painted it gray, machinery green, black, and now back to gray. You won't hurt it by painting it. I would disassemble the vise, clean and mask off the jaws, screw threads and handle, and paint the fixedjaw/base and movable jaw a machinery gray. Before re-assembling, coat the threads with a light grease or oil.

      FWIW, Columbian painted their mechanic's vises red, and their machinist models gray. Wilton uses a gray or blue gray.


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        Bare Iron .... in heavy shops .

        Got to be 20 or more vises at work (from that era).
        some half again as large.

        Very few painted.
        none rusted.
        Just have that beautifull iron color seasoned with decades,
        of 3-shift dirt-oil-pentrating-fluid-O/A overwashing.....etc. etc.

        Remove screw and nut before blasting.


        Hmnnnnn , maybe a pic montajge is in order/////........
        A few are quite hansome.
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          Vice ....Intimacy

          If you really want to luv your Vise.

          Do a chemical paint removal.....

          Then do one of HotFoot's hot-oil treatments.
          He is the Elvis on that matter.

          Blasting Cast-Iron is akkin to refinnishing
          an 1837 secretary's desk.

          You will have defiled it's personallity.
          It's charactor........
          It's Purity....
          It's very....??

          I vapor-locked again.

          Negative people have a problem for every solution


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            your metal skills are only exceeded by your knowledge of old vises and the written word.

            You've almost embarassed me for even thinking about blasting this old beauty. I never even considered a vise's personality to be so fragile especially after decades of having every man that walks by her turning her screw and using her for their own purposes... why the poor thing !!

            Chemical peel huh ??? Probably good old lead based (hard to remove) paint and at least three coats...judging by the color variations... got to find some strong stuff !

            AFA the linseed oil treatment... I've already emailed Hotfoot for his recommendations/procedures... how well does the hot oil treated metal hold up in the elements... this vise was going on an outside workbench

            thanks for getting me aligned with my vise's aura

            My "project truck" has turned into 'garage art' !!!


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              Originally posted by jniolon View Post

              this vise was going on an outside workbench

              Weld the mouting bolts
              avoid the mad-scrapper's grasp.

              Negative people have a problem for every solution


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                maybe a pic montajge is in order

                Hmnnnnn , A few are quite hansome.

                Painted because they paint stuff in the vises.
                Negative people have a problem for every solution


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                  Man vicegrip those are some handsome vises. I have a columbian pole vice I need to clean up and I was planning on a simple oil like finish. The natural finish get my vote for your new vise jniolon!