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Ridgid CM1450 Chopsaw Review

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  • Ridgid CM1450 Chopsaw Review

    Well I have had the saw in the shop for a day now and figured I'd do a review. It was a choice between the Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Ridgid. First impression was the saw was built very sturdy and has a nice cast base. The clamp has very little flex when clamping miter cuts, so that is nice. It has plenty of power and cuts very smooth and fast. One thing I like is the feet at tall enough to have the blade stop adjusted all the way down and a new blade will not hit the table below. My past saw this was a problem. So far I've only came up with 3 problems:

    1. The switch does not have a lock. Its nice to have a lock because after cuts I de-burr the material using the side of the blade.

    2. I've never seen a saw that the degrees on the fence were dead right so I'm in a habit of always just using a square. But the Ridgid is not even close to being right, I mean almost 5*s off.

    3. The biggest problem witch could have been fixed in the factory easy. When you miter cut 42* or greater the clamp is set back too far for the blade to complete the cut. So you have to use a piece of material to space the piece your cutting. When mitering you want to material as close to being right under the saw as you can. The more back it is the more the blade will flex and your cut will be off. Theres 3 adjustment positions for the fence and I was using the closest to center one, they need 4-5 adjustment positions.

    Over all this is a great saw and I love it, just wish they spent a little more time testing it out first to catch there mistakes.
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    I bought one two years ago and just started hating it more and more. I finally returned in at the end of three months and bought another DeWalt, which I wanted the first time but they were out of stock.

    I broke the ALUMINUM screw holding the miter cam within the first week, and I don't abuse tools. What was a lousy "toolless" design meant I needed even different tools than just a simple 17mm socket stored in the base.

    Dewalt has the hex bolts and a solidly secured hex wrench in the base. I much preferred it.

    But the Ridgid was a comfortable saw that worked well if you didn't need to adjust the miter fence; I agree.