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Welding near/over solder

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  • Welding near/over solder

    Here's a question from a rookie. I'm preparing to do some sheet metal repair on an antique car using my HH 140. This work will include some work on the rocker panels. In preparing the area and in reading my construction manual, I've found that, near each end of the panel, lead-based solder seems to have been used as a body filler in those areas. What must I do to prepare this area for welding? Does this solder have to be removed entirely? If so, what's the correct method?

    Thanks for your help!


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    I would use a propane torch and a wire brush to remove the lead solder, then sand the residue to bare metal. Wear a dust mask when grinding and stay away from the fumes.


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      you'll never completely remove the solder, (lead). but do as Rocky has suggested, heat and brush, when you feel you've removed as much as you can, hit it with a sander to remove a surface layer of lead contaminated steel heating and brushing will produce. now this is the important part, you REALLY need to go far beyond the weld zone because the heat from welding will liquify any solder you've left behind in the vicinity, that will not only flow into the weld, but the area you thought was in nice shape will now be hollowed out from the melted solder/filler.
      a mask is manditory for sanding, fresh air and PLENTY of ventilation should be used during the melting/welding phase, also i'd use a flux core wire for the weld, it'll float out some of the contamination from the solder.