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Old Hobart welding books

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  • Old Hobart welding books

    Does anyone have any older welding books say from the 60's and 70's and possibly the 80's?

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    I have old welding books, but not any from Hobart. One is "Fabrication of Oxy-Acetylene Welded Steel and Wrought Iron Piping" 1940, reprinted 1955 by Linde
    And "Brazing Alcoa Aluminum" 1959
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      Check out This place is basically an index of many booksellers world wide. I have found some really obscure titles using this site. The prices have also been reasonable and there are no bidding games as you have on ebay.


      p.s. I have no affiliation with abebooks.


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        How does one find out the value of a book, from say, an independent source,...without conflict of interest?


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          Hobart books

          I am not sure about what type of books you are looking for. How to weld? Weld metals? I have an extensive libarty of old owners and service manuels dating back as far as the late 40's mostly technicnal and repair information.


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            Be more specific what you are looking for. I also have some old ones, plus a CD with many of the old military welding manuals on it.
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              The old book situation

              I'm not sure if the book I'm looking for would be a manual or not. Supposedly my Father-N-Law's picture was in one of the Hobart books for creating a special type of flux or something about a welder that he modified for either cast iorn welding and/or upside down welding. I can't remember what exactly he was in the book for. He told me about it several years ago but now he's gone to be with the Lord.

              His name was Frank G Vallejo. If you run across that name let me know.