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208 or 240 volt

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  • 208 or 240 volt

    i read some where that southern california 220 volts plugs are actually in the 240 volt range ..i just got me new machine and in the manual it said i need to connect the transformer to the right jumpers,either 240 jumper which is 225 volts or more or the 208 jumper which is 225 or less . anyone know ?

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    If it is residential it must be 240. Measure it to be sure. 208 is more common in commercial and usually is in 3-phase form. (Of course one can alway pull single phase off two legs of the three.) Our work building is all 208/120 volt supply, as many are. It was a real problem when someone bought a guillotine cutter which was not designed to run on 208/240. Had to step up the 208 via an expensive transformer.


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      Agreed. You are good to go with the 225+ jumper. North America and much of South America, as well as here in PNG are on the 240V standard, except for that nice 3-phase set-up that was mentioned.


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        sweet ...thanks guys .i just got my brand new htp mig 200 in on monday and still havent played with it yet . i didnt want to mess anything up . better safe than sorry huh .. thanks again