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    I am going back to welding after 15 years. I welded for 10 years then worked in the plants because the money was better. I am now back welding, welding pipe, which I had done before. I have my own rig and would like to get on a pipeline job, somewhere. Kids gone, can travel now and would like to do so. I live in Louisiana, and am willing & looking forward to travel. If anyone knows of companies hiring welders and rig, I would appreciate the info. I've made many phone calls, but it's like starting over. It helps when you know people in the business.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum, Randy...I remember there was a post mentioning there was a number of pipe jobs in TX, not too long ago here. Good luck ...let us know how you do.


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      Get on road techs .com,,,used to be road*****,,guess that ain't allowed anymores,,they are always advertising for welders of all kinds,,but,like anything else,most of them don't want to pay much it seems,,thingy


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        will try

        thanks for the info. I will definetly look it up.

        Thanks Again

        Randy I