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Need some trailer building advice

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  • Need some trailer building advice

    My plan is to build a 5x14 foot trailer designed mainly for hauling two atvs and the occasional load of lumber. The trailer will have a single 3500 lb axle.

    Would 4x5.4 channel work for the frame if I used 3x4.1channel for a wrap-around tongue? Crossmembers would be 3" channel on 24" centers.

    If 14 feet is too long for the frame, I can shorten the length down to 12.5 feet, but would prefer to have the 14 feet so I can position the load properly.

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    I have a 12' trailer with 3" channel (don't remember the weight, but it's the lightest weight) for the frame and a 4" channel wrap-around tongue. I had to add a piece of 1.5" angle to the bottom to keep it from flexing too much, but it seems to do okay now. I use it to haul cars up to about 3k#. If the bed came as far forward as most trailers, it would be a 14' trailer, but I left the bed back just far enough that a car with its tires against the front rail is about 3.5 feet from the tailgate.

    Based on my experience, a 4" channel would probably be fine. Consider that it's not uncommon for a 7k# trailer use 5" channel.

    Just my 2.4 cents.

    Still building my new old truck - see the progress!

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      Thanks for confirming what I suspected.


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        threadkiller you could contact dabar39 he builds alot of trailers he freqents the miller sight more than here, anyway are you going to make the trailer a side loader for you atv's?