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cast steel manifold repair

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  • cast steel manifold repair

    Any ideas on cast steel exhaust manifold repairs? In the past I have used 7018 rod after steam cleaning and preheating to 200 degrees. I usually have to make pass ,grind all the impurieties out and lay another pass and keep going. I have had good luck with the few repairs I have made but was wondering if any one had any better ideas or rod more suitable for the job and might burn out the nasties ? Thanks ,Roadie05
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    "george md" would be a good one to ask.
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      Welcome to the forum, Roadie....cast steel is the easiest cast to weld...some of it coming out of China may have sand pockets, which are tuff to weld through.
      I would use TIG for a manifold, but if ya don't have one, 7018 will work...I have used both, also Certanium 707 is a great rod for that will weld through oil....but it's usually cost prohibitive.


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        Are you sure it's cast steel and not cast iron?
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          Rocky D,Thanks for the ideas and I will try the tig and let you guys know how i did. Roadie05
          miller sync 200
          lincoln 255 mig
          milwaukee portaband,chop saw,die grinder,misc grinders
          victor journeyman torch outfit


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            I don't check this forum regularly, so I'm a bit late with a comment.
            Almost all ex manifolds are cast iron , and anything that you use for a
            filler rod that isn't cast iron expands at a different rate than the base
            material causing some strange internal stresses. Manifolds change temp
            both radically and often thus adding to the already well stressed area
            around the weld, many times causing the repair to fail later if it doesn't
            fail when it cools after welding.

            If you are going to do manifold repair , you really should get well
            aquainted with your O/A torch , a large propane (weed burner type)
            torch , a pile of fire brick, bare cast iron , and the proper flux. Also
            a temp gun is a nice tool .

            Below are 2 images, a before and after repair



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