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Free Weld Cad software

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  • Free Weld Cad software

    Here is a link to a welding cad software package

    This is the software package the link will download

    Every imaginable joint design can be pulled up

    All attributes of the joint can be changed

    You end up with :

    Pretty neat for free software !

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    Thanks for the tip, even though it is (gasp) Lincoln.


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      Originally posted by Rocky D View Post
      even though it is (gasp) Lincoln.
      that's why it is free. it's probably got a subliminal ex-CIA mind control feature, a la 'Videodrome'. next thing you know you're pulling a Lincoln MIG gun from your belly.
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        Help function doesn't work in Vista. This what I get when I tried to learn about using the program:

        "The Help for this program was created in Windows Help format, which was used in previous versions of Windows and it is not supported in Windows Vista.

        For more information, see Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) is no longer included with Windows on the Microsoft support website."


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          "Users who want to view 32-bit .hlp files in Windows Vista or in a future Windows release must now download WinHlp32.exe from the Microsoft Download Center, and then install it on their computers. To do this, users should visit the following Microsoft Web site:

          It's a 600K download.

          For quite awhile now, Windows has been using HTMLhelp (.CHM files).
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            I can help with the help file deal. I ran into the same thing unexpectedly with one of my own programs. What follows is what I sent to my clients. You might as well do this deal as you will run into other programs, new and old that have the same issue.

            Vista users attention please take note

            From Microsoft:
            Windows Help (WinHlp32.exe) is a Help program viewer that has been included with Microsoft Windows versions starting with the Microsoft Windows 3.1 operating system. However, the Windows Help program has not had a major update for many releases and no longer meets Microsoft's standards. Therefore, starting with the release of Windows Vista, the Windows Help program will not ship as a feature of Windows. If you want to view 32-bit .hlp files, you must download and install the program (WinHlp32.exe) from the Microsoft Download Center.

            Makes no sense does it?

            Here is the fix:
            Go here to get the appropriate files:
            They are for different versions of Vista.

            If you are running 32bit of Vista, then use this file: Windows6.0-KB917607-x86.msu

            For 64bit vista use this file: Windows6.0-KB917607-x64.msu

            To find out your version, do right click on My Computer > Properties, then look at the system details section.

            The good news is that if you choose the wrong one Vista will say so. Just close it out and double click to open the other one. It's all installed automatically so don't panic.

            Gotta wonder what they were thinking. Take it away after 20 years and then make it available? Just silly.

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              Thanks, guys. Got it working.
              Speaking of free software, Corel Lightning looks kinda interesting. Looks like it would be useful for grabbing snippets of info and pics off of these forums and making a page for a quick print.