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  • Hobart 135 mig

    Hello I have a Hobart 135 handler I found it second hand at a cheap price I didn’t take the time to try it out I did plug it in and it did come on I got it home and tryed to feed the wire and that’s when I noticed the wire feeder wasn’t spening the motor was working so I took the motor off and what I call a gearbox I took the 4 screws out and pulled the box apart that’s when I noticed there was a gear missing from inside. For three days now I been looking all over the world for this gearbox and no body has one ! Part number 202708 dosnt exist any longer so Hobart gave me this other part number 193187 I had no luck with that number either . If someone that’s on this form that is willing to sale this gearbox I would love to buy it from you ! I can’t believe there isn’t any interchangeable part that would work ? If you know where I can find this gearbox please let me know thank you

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    I've only seen the motor and gearbox sold as a complete assembly. Have you tried that?

    Exact searches for parts will require your serial and spec numbers from the label on the back.

    Pictures help greatly when trying to visualize your issues, as well.


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      193187 is a Miller number for motor & gear box.... Yes Miller and Hobart uses same parts on many of their machines...

      202708 Is a miller number and is replaced by Miller 217778

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        All I need is the gears out of the box lol I wish someone had the gearbox they would sale me I can’t afford 199 bucks


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          Well, a gear doesn't just go missing from inside. So that means someone took it out. Which makes you need to know why they did that.


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            The previous owner did it so now I’m on the hunt for a gear or a used gearbox if I get lucky to find someone that has this part


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              Originally posted by Dumdum1975 View Post
              Not sure if you can see the pictures or not could you help ?

              Pictures do show anything other than information already given to you....

              Why are you stuborningly searching for a gear when its probably not going to happen , and refusing to acknowledge that you may have to buy whole motor/gear box assembly to get you machine up and running....
              "Fear The Government That Wants To Take Your Guns" - Thomas Jefferson..