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I need advice on plastic welding

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  • I need advice on plastic welding

    I need a plastic welding machine. My budget is about $ 150. Can I buy reliable equipment for the money? What do you say about the models from Deleted?
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    I'd say there's only one to choose in your budget. Three to choose from if you bump up your dollars.

    Chance of being successful... just like welding something. Match the filler to the plastic, control the process, probably pretty good. Cheap can still do it.

    A lot will depend on you, Tom, **** or Harry's willingness to learn about the process, type of repair, if you do any practicing. Sounds like your flying on a wing and a prayer. Good luck with that.


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      Champix, I have removed the link from your post. Please refrain from linking to questionable sites. Also in the future please ask advice questions in the forums provided for those questions.


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        Whoa! We've got a moderator! Woo-hoo!

        THANK YOU!