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Welding garb needed

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  • Welding garb needed

    Greetings Hobart Welders,

    Begining a welding certification course and require some gear.
    Hoping to pick up something suitable for a beginner, and not very costly (the package they sell here is $50 new, but the gear looks like it'll become trash before a year's use).

    Heres a list of what I need:

    Shade 10 face shield
    Jacket/coveralls (fit for 6' body)
    Gloves (large)

    Hopefully i'll be able to put some old gear to use.

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    Avoid Polyester! Used is good if you can find your size. I find coveralls a pain to put on/take off. A leather apron helps a lot! Gloves are cheap. Check Harbor Freight, they have some welding duds, etc, and its hard to find them much cheaper.
    "Good Enough Never Is"


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      I just use a t-shirt with a denim jacket overtop, or if it's colder out, throw on a hoodie with a denim jacket overtop. For anything overhead, A cheap leather welding jacket. As far as the lower body goes, a pair of jeans.

      For a helmet, if you wan't a good-er, get yourself a thermoplastic fibre-metal with a flip up lense holder; good for welding and grinding and light weight. For gloves, get a pair of stick welding gloves. Hope this helps.