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engine needed for a Lincoln

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  • engine needed for a Lincoln

    I need an engine for a lincoln D10 model MP 250 D10 .

    Welder if anyone has one or knows where one is i would greatly appreciate a link or a price as its a very good welder but engine threw a rod and destroyed the block of the engine ,

    Thanks in advance .

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    It might help if you said what engine it has, and where you are located.
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      I will have to check to be sure but its perkins i think, and where im at isnt a concern as i would make a trip to take a look at it , but i am in Virginia southwest area .

      Originally posted by Hotfoot View Post
      It might help if you said what engine it has, and where you are located.


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        Most forklifts has the same motor you are looking for ,


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          Thanks rich will keep an eye out for that it is a perkins 3.09 engine as i had originally thought i dont mind makeing some mods for the connection as i have everything i need to work with where i work , But i would rather find the original engine if i can !

          The only issue is i havnt found the horsepower rateing yet i think it is like 24-26 HP .250 amp continues duty 10 KW Gen.also is settup for mig aswell found one fork lift had a Nissan motor on which was also deisel not to sure about it working as of yet.the lift is junked but engine is still good .


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            I found this on craigslist, thought it might help. The price is a little high.


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              Might be high for just an engine but picture shows inter cooler, marine transmission and motor mounts for a boat.


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                sorry i missed that listing guys i have been working long hours and havnt had time to get online , maybe things will slow down for me a little now .

                I have purchased a 3ph generator with a small four cylinder Kubota deisel engine on it but i would have to make a adapter plate for it to attach to the welder would far rather have an original engine for it if anyone has one or catches another listed feel free to hit me back again ,


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                  Is the engne on your machine rebuildable might be the way to go if you can't find a bolt in match