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Acetylene 75 cf tank

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  • Acetylene 75 cf tank

    I have a used 75cf acetylene tank for sale. The valves works easy, it just isn't used any more. I'll upload pics and serial numbers when I get a chance. It is partially full at this time, but can't be shipped that way. I'm located in Door County, WI, so if you are within driving distance or if I will be driving your way soon it can be delivered as is. Otherwise I'll have to have it emptied. The 80cf Oxygen tank that would usually go with this I'm having converted to an Argon tank. I have some hoses and gauges that would go with this tank, but they are just a bonus because I haven't used them in over 10 yrs so there is no guarantee on those. Just the Acetylene tank is for sale.

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    What do you want for it? Will you be in southern WI anytime soon?


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      $75, cash. Not sure when I'll be down again, was just down this past Friday. My brother lives in Wauwatosa and is coming up this weekend. He may be able to bring it back. Where you at, approx.?

      Email me direct before giving any personal info. [email protected]

      If you buy tank and want any misc gauges/hoses let me know, you can have those to get them out of my garage.


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        sorry, i forgot about this post.

        I ended up buying a set for sale locally. Thanks for the fast response though. Good luck with you sale.


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          Still have the tank for sale?
          Making any trips to the Chicago land area anytime?
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