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Brazing SS w/Mapp Gas?

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  • Brazing SS w/Mapp Gas?

    Has anyone tried to braze with Mapp Gas? I want to braze a pair of SS skis onto the skid shoes of my snowblower. It presently loses traction. I thought of putting chains on, but had it suggested to me by the owner of a hardware store, that skis would help the snowblower stay on top of the gravel. Any help would be apppreciated!

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    Do you have the kind of skid shoes where you can adjust the height? If so, set them up as high as they will go. You could simply weld a length of angle (bent at 30 degrees or so, front and back) onto the skid shoe. If you want to be really deluxe about it, get some hard face rod and do the bottom of the piece of angle you weld onto the existing shoe. Good luck and let us know how it all turns out.
    Jim Don


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      Why not MIG?? What material is the SS being bonded to?
      "Good Enough Never Is"


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        Are you asking about using torch with disposable MAPP gas and O2 cylinders?

        Those cylinders don't last long and quickly add up to real money making you wish for real A/O torch set with higher and concentrated heat output. Small A/O torch set with MC Acetylene cylinder much better for soldering, brazing and welding small projects and thin metal. Carried in most refrigeration repair trucks but not practical for much cutting torch work.