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welding 1215 steel

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  • welding 1215 steel


    I need to know if there are any problems I would encounter while MIG welding a 1215 steel locking collar to a section of sch 40 steel pipe. It is going to be used as removable handles for a tread mill, not the highest load scenario, but I don't want them ever to break.

    This is the locking collar,

    -Hobart Handler 210
    -Hobart DP-3035-100 spool gun
    -Lincoln electric weld-pak HD (88A FCAW only) - FOR SALE
    -Ryobi 12" bench top drill press
    -home made welding table, cart, and bench grinder stand coming soon.

    My latest project:
    LINK HERE picture below,

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    I don't see a problem doing it esp with a 220v mig which you have. The reason that they use 12L14 is its easy to machine and prob off a CNC lathe or mill. If you need something heavier or not 12L14 give me a yell...Bob
    Bob Wright, Grandson of Tee Nee Boat Trailer Founder
    Metal Master Fab
    Salem, Ohio
    Birthplace of the Silver & Deming Drill


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      Mcmaster Carr sells weldable shaft collars 1018 steel Search shaft collars, then mountable collars, you will see weldable collars. they only offer 2 piece collars in 1018