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Anyone know how to pour Babbitt Bearings?

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    just a thought but a few people into vintage car restoration have the set ups to do babbitt.

    I went to a seminar 3 or 4 years ago in Tennesse & watched guys at a model "A" ford restoration shop pour & machine it. on a Ford model "A" block. very finicky stuff, if base metal your pouring to has any cold spots it will spit the babbitt back, I saw it spit 10 feet in air & I had some land on my leather coat & I was 15 feet back. there were using a cutting torch for heating just to be more portable, where they needed a rosebud or a furnace to really heat the block first, & then at least temp melting crayons, they were just taking a surface reading, but for the demonstration it was very interesting, it was put on by a great guy with a great heart, just to pass on the knowledge, around 80 people came to his seminar & he provided free food, & soda, plus put the seminar on for free! unfortunately I did miss a little of the actual prep work, as they were also putting on a sheet metal classes & their main welder was out sick & he asked everyone if anyone knew how to weld, & I said yes, with cars, & I ended up helping some in there trying to show people how to weld sheet metal. I was offered a job, but wasnt interested in a permanent move.

    anyway the babbitt tools, there were large tool kits, big heavy long wooden boxes that housed all the tools. finding someone that has one & getting him to do it may be simplier? from my understanding the kits were universal, & would allow you to set up for nearly anything & probably 8+ feet across & then line bore it with either a drill or hand powered crank. some guy here in my town has one, but he went & joined the military to help fight & I havent heard from him since. he worked at a local machine shop doing car engine machining.

    the local guy said he did say he cut the bearings most of the time to use insert bearings instead of pouring babbitt, but would do whatever the customer wanted.



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      Folks, do be careful if you use an intense heat source. You don't want to be breathing any fumes of stuff that may vaporize, like lead!
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