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Welding 4140 to A-36

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  • Welding 4140 to A-36

    First, off, I am a blacksmith who is making an anvil from three pieces of plate. I am using a 1/2" spacer between them. I have a lincoln 225AC welder. I have to weld 4140-A-36 and then A-36 to A-36 with a 1/2
    spacer as well. I am wondering what kind of rod(s) I should use for this?

    Thanks and Best Regards

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    Preheat both parts to 400F

    weld with 7018 rod


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      Originally posted by m_brothers View Post
      First, off, I am a blacksmith who is making an anvil from three pieces of plate.
      I never responded to this, not being convinced how good an Idea this is.
      Since you now have sound advice, and may have allready made it;
      You may like to know that 4140 is the perfect alloy for haveing your anvil face

      Alass I have no idea how to do it properly.
      The grand-wizard of flame-hardening did a huge deep-draw punch
      and die, (draw-forming) and was done before I got to work on second shift.

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        good luck to you and do show the pic then too and 7018 is gud tool suggested by Mike.... thanks and see ya
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          Tack pcs together and then pre-heat to 400. Then weld with 7018. This has never failed me.


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            I adore the Lincoln Tombstone. Rock solid simplicity and everlasting.

            I heard somewhere that Lincoln was discontinuing the 225AC. What a shame if true.

            That has to be the best entry level welder ever produced.


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              4140 to A-36

              I posted a video on Youtube a while back illustrating the Navy clip test for welding soundness of fillet welds using A36 as the vertical menber and 4140 as the bottom plate. Click on the link below>

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                I'm not the expert on this, but one of the guys in my guild is. He has made repairs to cracked anvils that were invisible when he was done and that was it; preheat to about 400 (he used Tempil (sp) sticks to determine the temp) and then used 7018.
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