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Open root Mig weld root repair, need advice.

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  • Open root Mig weld root repair, need advice.

    Hi there,
    Looking for help from experienced people who are familiar with full pen welding procedure and how to fix a fall out on a mig root. This has happened to me a few times and I've never been shown how to fix it. the weld calls for full pen. Does it ever get full pen? Not usually, and never 100%. No one in the shop I work for seems to care and QA certainly never inspects any roots. However, I still wish learn how to fix
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    I am not sure about a real repair, seems it would have to be ground out wide enough to remove lack of fusion on the start and redone but might be a challenge with a wide gap. With a little practice though mig can actually do a good job on roots but start/stop can be a bit fussy.


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      What angle of what joint design of what material are we looking at?


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        Hey Welder ID 317. I hope you don't disappear. Two to the sharpest guys on this board have offered to help you out.
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