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Mild steel sanding/ polishing

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  • Mild steel sanding/ polishing

    Hi everybody,

    I'm trying to make a complicated figurine with really thin (3mm) spiderlike legs, had some ideas to attack the project but finally I decided to use wire covered with brass (a hollow brass tube). But I need the last part of the leg to be a little bit curved and real sharp. I can't shape a hollow tube so I bought mild steel (the guy at the store told me you can sharp/ shape/ sand/ polish it...) But seriously as I never worked metal I'm kind of lost here. I have a dremel like tool, but not many tips, could you guys give me some advice on which tip to use/ buy for this work? is it achievable? I'm sending a pic of the mild steel (here in Spain they sell it with the name 'piano string' I made some research and found out is some steel+carbon alloy, guess we're talking about the same stuff...

    the shape I want to give the bar is in another pic.

    any tip or advice would be superuseful

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    My first thought is a belt or disk sander, or bench grinder, but you wouldn't cut it to length until you were done, as you would need something to hold on to, and even then, it's a bit dangerous because the thin workpiece can get sucked between the sander and the holding surface. You'd probably want to hold it by hand without using a holding surface next to the sander/grinder


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      thanks for your tips Mac. Unfortunately I'm a bit limited here, my only tool is a dremel like tool (no disk sander or bench grinder)... I think it would be harder this way, but really don't know how hard or even if it's achievable with this only tool...


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        You can heat the wire red hot and hammer it out to a point. Piano wire is hardenable/hardened, so keep it hot when tapping. Think blacksmithing.
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