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  • Where to purchase project steel

    I am a new member and an inexperienced welder so bear with me if my questions are very basic. I purchased a Hobart Handler 210MVP and would like to learn how to weld - as a hobby and for home repairs. I would like to build a welder cart as a first project and I am not sure where to purchase steel in my area as well as what type/grade of steel I should use or inquire about. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I am located in Illinois - DuPage County. Thanks in advance.


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    Look for "steel sales" or "scrap metal" dealers (don't be to surprised if they wont sell to you, some will some will not) that are local to you in phone book.... Purchasing from "steel sales" you can get a 20 ft length of whatever size for about same price as 4 ft length at Big Box or hardware store... Providing all the new tariff garbage has not screwed with pricing to much.....

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    This is what I did for welder cart.... It is primarily 1 inch square tubing.. Use largest wheels you can afford/find, little wheels have problems with crap on shop floor... Also you do not move welder/cart by pulling on welding lead, you move cart by hand, so put nice handle on cart...

    Link below can take you to a whole lot of different designs and ideas for cart...

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      Yeah, got some steel for my projects also from the scrapyard. There's always really good stuff for my artworks lying around there.
      Try to check local listings and Google Maps for local scrapyards in your area

      By the way, link tool here has odd behavior?
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        Greetings. If you are resourceful, you can often find good scrap on Craigslist. I got about 500 feet worth of 1"x2" .120" wall mid steel from a place that sells scooters. They were skids for shipping. It was all free... sometimes you can score freebies. In Michigan, I go to Padnos, as they sometimes have good deals on used steel. Or left overs. Also... one more thing! Some suppliers might have new but less than perfect material. Example, the finish wasn't as nice as the other stock, or the company who turned in the material as scrap, simply failed to use all of a special order. They might call these "seconds." Great deals can be had. - Unholy


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          Don’t forget to keep your eyes open along the side of the road. People just put stuff outside by the road and someone will just make it go away. The secret is don’t be afraid to stop and ask and do it right then don’t wait or the next scavenger like me won’t be do shy. I grab almost all my project metal like that. Don’t forget that you can cut the sides and backs out of old ranges, washing machines old dryers for sheet metal if your not too choosy. 1/4 of the box sides of my truck came from these things right out of my scrap pile. Stay away from stores like tractor supply , Lowe’s, HD if you’re buying. Find the small time junk yard that isn’t too much into the enviro aspect of life but a good old boy. Pay him in cash if ya can and leave the snakes out of it.
          If you find a place like this just remember to only grab what you can off the edges of the drive areas. There’s a lot of tangled stuff wrapped around heavy things that can crush you in there so be mindful of what you’re pulling on. Those places are also a good place not to drive your vehicle if you can help it. Lots of sharp stuff to cut your tires sometimes . Get to know the guys some and they can be very helpful and save you lots of money as long as you are willing to grind/ wire wheel the rust and prep it.


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            Look around back at industrial area shops, but ask before you take anything. Sometimes Craigslist will have a good deal. You must keep watching constantly.
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