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  • Metal Stiffness Question

    So, I made a table base for a client that looks like an upside down rectangular hipped roof (out of 3/16" plate...heavy). The pieces were laser cut and fit up great. I stitch welded the inside and then welded and ground down all the outside seams to get that "seamless look". However, the two long sides that are to be welded to a "rim" around the table have bowed. Not sure how as I only welded a few inches at a time on the seams...and moved all over the place. However, it is still bowed.

    I clamped a piece of 3/4" Square Bar to the thing and it almost straightened it out. The rim was supposed to be 3/4" x 1/8" thick, but even after clamping it up straight, I think it will bend. My question is this. Would 3/8" x 1" flat bar resist bending in the 1" direction (over 7.5') versus the 3/4" square bar? I know it has less material, but I tend to think that thinner material bends less in the long direction if you can keep it from twisting. I don't have a way to heat the sheet metal to take the bow out, so my only option is to clamp it up and make the rim a little taller and thicker than originally planned. However, I want to try with a valid attempt so looking for suggestions on which steel to buy to make the rim.

    I DO have a hand (plumber's) torch with MAPP gas, but not sure that will heat enough to bend it back straight.

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    Lincoln 135 Amp MIG
    Ahp AlphaTIG 200dx
    Everlast PowerPlasma 50
    DeWalt DW872 Chop Saw
    Miller Elite