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  • Grafting.....?

    ok.. to simplify this question.. i read somewhere that it is not so good to weld on say for instance a bar on top of a layered. the person saying this was sighting that rust between the layers could become prevalent. i would say that it is more relevant to the coating you are going to put on no matter how the metal is joined.. if it is going to be well sealed with a clean epoxy paint i would think any rust problem would not be any different than any other joint?...

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    You have been grossly misinformed.


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      A partial lap joint is subject to corrosion. Sealed all the way around is better. Way of the world.

      Worse is some brazing where the flux may be corrosive in the long term and cannot be readily removed from the joint.
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        Select the type of weld to suit the strength and use of the item and then figure out how to prevent corrosion. Fully welding is one way but what if you're welding *across* the face of a beam?
        Post-weld corrosion prevention is a major field by itself.

        If overlapping is forbidden then so are lap welds, is what it sounds like. The real world says that's bogus.
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          Double rail truck frames are all one inside the other with the edges being open. Certainly they rust and spread with age due to corrosion but it can be controlled, or slowed but nature of the beast as flex scrubs off any protection applied. Keeping the salt washed out will really prolong the life as will oil applied between the layers routinely. Same analogy with stacking strap as mentioned as that practice is performed when fitting dump bodies routinely.
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