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TIG Welding 0.125-inch Mild Steel for Rocker Panels

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  • TIG Welding 0.125-inch Mild Steel for Rocker Panels

    I have not posted here in years, used to be a frequent flyer in the early 2000's.

    I have a project that I plan to accomplish with my Syncrowave 200, TIG. I do a whole lot of MIG welding of sheet metal (auto body work) and I am pretty competent at that.

    However, although I have the Syncrowave 200, I rarely use it and my TIG skills are weak.

    I will likely have several posts on this as I am using this project as an excuse to practice TIG welding - They will essentially be a 0.125-inch wall square tube, welded at each of the 4 corners, total of 57-inches long.

    So, my first question, what is the best tungsten (diameter and type) and filler (diameter and type)?

    My plan was to use 1/16-inch ceriated with 3/32-inch ER70S-2 filler. Again, 0.125-inch mild steel.

    Thanks in advance!