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where can i find steel plate

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  • where can i find steel plate

    having a hard time trying too find where i can buy steel plate i live in milwaukee wisconsin and have had no luck finding a place that sells anything thiscker than 1/8 inch

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    1. Go here:
    Search on "Steel Service Center", and narrow it down by entering your zip code and limit it to your state.

    2. Go here: Put "steel" in the business category and enter the city/state. Pick a winner.

    3. Look it up in your local Yellow Pages under steel or metal suppliers, etc.

    4. Send a message to Vicegrip. He can probably tell you where you can get foot-thick plate.
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      Also check under fabricators/structural steel most in this area also sell steel.
      If they do sell they generally will say so in their yellow pages add.

      Put in the search box for Google: steel plate, milwaukee
      17,900,000 results in less than.10 seconds

      First one on the list
      Speedy metals in New Berlin, Wisconsin has A36 plate to 9" thick

      Arlo has a location. Central steel has a location in Milwaukee.

      MILWAUKEE BOILER works heavy plate they may or may not sell drops or pieces.
      Call them and ask, and if they say no ask them if they could suggest were in your area that would be selling it.

      Also check out the scrapyards some sell it all the time some when in comes in.
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        I neglected to add, ask your local welding supply store guys. ALso ask at local welding shops. They may sell some or tell you where to go (and He11 is a foundry, not a steel supplier.) ALso check your yellow pages for metal recycling. Some only buy, but might know of others who buy/sell scrap and surplus.
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          The service center I work for part time had just that problem. The CTL line (cuts heavy gage HRPDL for Ford Motor frames, (the old A.O. Smith job that left Milwaukee years ago) and is now run at a Tower plant...

          Anyway, the 30 yard roll off box for the CTL line sits outside the plant on the service drive and in the evening, on weekends, scrappers and who knows who else would come by and help themselves.

          This went on for a while until a maintenance man got a license number and the police tracked the pickup truck to a residence. It was loaded down with material but the perps denied taking it from the company.

          The company was able to prove that it was their material because it was all Pickle dry, Dry Lube coated and They are the only processor in the immediate area that does dry lube. They prosecuted and it's been real quiet at the scrap box for a while.

          Our company's policy is if you need a piece or a couple pieces, just ask, don't steal. They give the stuff away but the key is asking.

          I get all my flat rolled up to 0.750 from them. Over that, it's Alro. alro is in partnership with the company I work for.
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            Call Waukegan Steel Sales, Waukegan, IL

            They run a massive steel operation and have drop piles to wade through or they'll cut what you need.

            They are really good people there, and very helpful.