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  • Steel Supplier Around Jacksonville FL

    Hey guys,

    Newbie here. I'm trying to find a decent priced steel supplier around here. I went to Berman Bros but they have a minimum order and weren't exactly the nicest of people when I went there. So if you have a preferred place to purchase steel please share.


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    Don't know but there may be someone in the list here who will be suitable:
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      Steel Suppliers - experiences

      You know, I've dealt with the local steel supplier in my town, and from my personal experiences have to say, they aren't the friendliest of people.

      Like you, I usually don't get large quantities, and I can't handle 24' long pieces of steel, even though I have a truck! Fortunately, the local place doesn't have a minimum order so at least I don't have that problem - and they will cut it down to 8 or 10 foot lengths if that's convenient. Sometimes they charge for the cut, and other times, they don't?
      I'm also not certain what they carry on hand. I'm sure if I want to order something very specific they can order it in, but it might be a minimum quantity or size. Generally I have to ask - what gauge to you have in 1 1/2 inch tube? For me, lighter is better, I'm not building anything structural, so strength isn't an issue.

      Now, after some time, I've gotten to know the guys in there, and they are much friendlier, and usually I ask about things I don't know. Once I learned their rules, and they are much better to work with. Once you get to know them, they let you look at the shorts pile, and you'll never know what piece you'll find which would work well for you. Might save you from having to buy a big chunk of 24' long pipe!

      I have ordered from King Architectural Metal, and they have good prices, but shipping is a killer! Found a bargain on some fence parts, and paid $48 for 8 pieces of punched steel, and it was $55.00 shipping. Doesn't seem like much of a bargain after finding that out.


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        Namasco, Alcoa and others are all right there in Jax. Find a place and get to know em a bit and they will be glad to help a brother when he needs it. A lot of the bigger steel suppliers are holier than thou till you spends a few with em and unfortunately Jax falls into that mold for a bit. Good luck and be a little tolerant and you will reap many rewards around the ship yards and docks once you get an in with em. Have a fun and profitable 2011
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